Thursday, 7 January 2010

Remember me, ring or pendant

A reference to memory in the circle, flame and the ruby set into the faux bone and the shape inspired by pieces of whale bone from Whitby Museum.  The circle is also supposed to reference stitching (although I think I maybe should have drilled and stitched it with red thread).  It can be worn either as a ring or as a pendant, shown here on a ribbon hand dyed to match.  It is surprisingly comfortable for such a large piece but is also comforting to play with inside the hand.

It is made using Robert Dancik's Faux Bone sawn, filed, sanded and carved then dyed using with alcohol inks and re-sanded.  The ruby is a cabochon and is set by drilling a hole slightly smaller than the diameter of the stone, heating up the faux bone so that it becomes slightly soft and pushing the ruby in, then cooling the piece.

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