Sunday, 10 January 2010

Inspired by birds, flight and travel

The ring I have made today is part of my Inspired by Heritage series of pieces.  It relates to all the early sketches I did of birds and feathers and the way in which bird motifs are used in all kinds of other objects.  I have also been thinking about the way in which birds feature in artefacts from cultures all over the world.

Based on the pattern I used yesterday.  This is cut from a sheet of faux bone, filed, sanded and hand engraved (I knew I would find a use for those gravers one day).  It is then dyed using alcohol inks and sanded back and polished.  There is a bit more variation in colour on the feather than appears in my photograph and because the faux bone is very lightweight it is quite comfortable to wear.

I have a huge debt of gratitude to Robert Dancik, the artist and teacher who developed faux bone for use in this way.  He is an inspirational teacher and if you get a chance to attend any of his classes then jump at it!  He is due to teach a class at West Dean from 15th to 19th February called 'A bead like no other' and also runs workshops at the Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery from time to time.

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Joy Funnell said...

I like that. You have inpired me to order some Faux Bone - now I just have to find out how to work it! :)How long are you going to do the ring a day for? You are doing well so far!!!