Saturday, 2 January 2010

Bird inspired things

Here are a couple of bird inspired bits, relating to my residency at Whitby Museum.  The museum has a large collection of Victorian stuffed birds (I am sure there is another name for them!).  When I first began my residency I spent quite a lot of time sketching and doodling in that section of the museum, partly as I had always ignored them (a kind of dislike of old stuffed creatures I suppose).  Anyway, over the year I have become quite fond of them and developed an obsession with the way in which birds have been used as motifs and patterns on objects everywhere.  I made a few glass bird shaped beads which have been in my box of bits since last spring.  Anyway, I have now made these.  The left hand piece is actually a clasp for a bracelet I am planning.  The charm is based upon various ceramic jars and pots in the museum that are long-legged birds.  I think they are possibly from Africa originally - but I did also sketch some bird shaped ceramic vessels in the Etruscan museum in Rome while I was on holiday.

The glass bead is my first successful attempt as making a lamp worked glass bead over a silver core.


Joy Funnell said...

Love Em! The one on the left is my fav. Is the silver core Art Clay Silver? Well done on making the bead without melting the silver - I can see that must be a challenge!

Lynne Glazzard said...

I bought this silver core! I did try one on art clay silver a while ago but melted it partly. It is too expensive to keep melting them though, so I was a bit hesitant to try again.