Friday, 11 February 2011

Bird watching

I am enjoying my visit to the British Museum, looking at some favourite objects and some I have not seen before.

One favourite is this wood and shell bird. It was the inspiration for my enamelled bird brooch and I have a tiny sketch in my sketchbook. Looking at it again I realise itches much larger than I remember.

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Lambs Conduit Street

This morning I walked from where I was staying in London back to the British Museum and took a slight detour along Lambs Conduit Street. I think even in the rain it must be one of my favourite streets in London, it feels as though it still has an active local community, it is a real mix of businesses (including a couple of those ubiquitous coffe chains), traditional tailors and of course The Lamb, a Youngs pub, I haven't been in for years. I will have to do that some other time and will be spending most of my day out in the British Museum

This little bird

I have had a really busy week and am now away from home so was wondering how I might make something for my bird and ring challenges.

Here is my little bird ring, crochet cotton thread.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

60s Inspired flower ring

Here is my first ring for February.  It is made in faux bone in two pieces; the ring shank and the flower separately.  I then drilled the two sections and a small circular piece of sterling silver and riveted them all together.  I had filed the lines into both sections and added the alcohol ink before sanding back and then joining the pieces.  Faux bone is a great medium for practising rivets as it is very durable.  I wondered whether to make a spinner type ring but in the end opted for joining the sections firmly together so this one is static.