Saturday, 19 March 2011

Back to the bench and more birds

It has been a busy few weeks working on the redisplay of objects at Whitby Museum for the Precious Cargo project so I have had very little time in the workshop.  It did quickly make a pair of bird earrings last week and then wore them when I went to do a talk for the Scarborough Decorative and Fine Arts Society on Wednesday.
This sketch was a doodle I did in February 2011
These are part of my Bird a Week challenge.   I really liked them so decided to make another, larger pair today.
This pair are slightly more dimensional as I hammered them more to give them a bit of a curve.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Aid to Japan

At this time last year I had just returned from a visit to Japan with a group of friends and colleagues.  For me this was a life enriching experience and everywhere I went I was met with courtesy and kindness and I really wish to return and visit again some time in the future.  In the Guild of Enamellers we were looking forward to our annual conference and we welcomed Toshihide Ueeda as a tutor together with Daisuke Minagawa.  I have heard from Daisuke and from another contact in the Japan Enamel Artists Association to say that they and their families are safe.  We have all been shocked by the scenes of devastation from the earthquake and tsunami.  So many died and many are still lost and unaccounted for, may their souls rest in peace.

We can see that it will take much time and effort to begin a process of recovery and re-building.  There are many people who lost everything.  The Metal clay community are getting together to make a group contribution to the Shelterbox scheme.  You can pay into this using paypal and emailing your contribution to

You can also donate direct using a debit or credit card

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Monday in the studio

I had a lovely day on my own in the studio on Monday and have now had a chance to do a bit more polishing of the two pendants and re-photograph them

I also had a go at making a hollow glass bead

Monday, 7 March 2011

Cloisonne enamel

It seems like ages since I had a day to myself in the studio.
I had a go at cloisonne for my next two birds for the 'Bird a Week'challenge (I have fallen a bit behind with this project).  They still need a bit of a polish but I feel quite positive about the work I have done today.  I also did a couple more embellished beads and have made some glass beads to go with them, although they are still in the kiln anealling.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Just 10gms each

I am always amazed at the work students can produce with just 10gms of art clay silver. Here are Donna and Rosie who have been here in my studio to do an introductory class today, they are just on the final stages of polishing their pieces in this photograph.
Here are all their pieces of work (Rosie's on the left, Donna's on the right)
They did roll over textures; had a go at drawing their own; made tiny moulds and embedded small czs. With the small amount left at the end they each made a little coiled bead. I have had a really enjoyable day and hope that they are happy with all the precious things they have made.