Wednesday, 27 January 2010

More rings

Three rings in three consecutive days.  I began with the opals that have been lying in a box in my workbench for a few years.  I bought the opal in matrix at a trade fair about 5 years ago and decided to pair it with a small opal triplet which was in the same box.  Then I realised I had become interested in the bezel settings again.  I used to make bezel settings all the time but haven't done this for a while either.  The teardrop textured piece of the second ring is made in art clay silver and was in a box of bits on my bench.  I made it when I was showing a student how to make a mould.  It was from a plastic button.  The round bezel is then filled with resin and gold leaf.  The third ring I have used another bit of art clay silver that was lying in my bits box and made this double bezel.  In the shallow one I have used tinted resin and in the larger deeper bezel I have used clear resin and tiny chopped up bits of red thread.  I am really enjoying making bezels so will have to do some more soon.


Angela said...

Your rings are so different.
I'd love to have a peek in your work box, opals lying around for a few years! what other treasures have you got stashed away!

Lynne Glazzard said...

I have some more of those opal in matrix pieces still and some strange shaped pearls that I bought recently but will probably have to think about for 10 years before I use them, loads of other bits and bobs too :)

silverpebble said...

Goodness I am so enjoying seeing all your rings. I have learnt something new today too - I have no idea resin could be used with artclay. How??? Could you point me towards any links? Thanks for opening my eyes to new things!