Friday, 1 January 2010

Red resin and thread

I have been trying not to work over the Christmas holidays, difficult when my studio is so close to home.   Anyway as a Christmas treat to myself I bought a pack of casting resin and a bangle mold.  Here is my first attempt, not perfect by any means but I have quite enjoyed making it.  I used three shades of sewing thread and mixed it into the resin as I poured the resin into the mould.  I have got a few bubbles a couple of which are on the edge so I am not very happy about that and may have to file it down and alter the profile to remove them. I have also sanded it back as I didn't really want the usual high gloss finish. It was really difficult to get the set bangle out of the deep mould but I have since found instructions on a blog that say after it has set to pop the whole thing into the freezer for a short time before trying to remove it.
 (I would then of course have to wear gloves to try and wrestle it out of the mold as I can't actually grip anything cold or frozen).

Of course I realised before I started that there was little chance the bangle would fit me as I have large hands that don't flex very tightly but I have found that if I warm the bangle up, by running it under the hot tap, I can flex the bangle just enough to get it on.  I don't know whether it will get more brittle with age though?  Anyway, it was a fun project for the holidays.


Vickie Hallmark said...

Lovely! What a great idea with the thread! I want to play more with resin in the future, and learn to avoid those annoying bubbles!

Lynne Glazzard said...

I think I should have warmed the whole thing up slightly to make the bubbles rise to the top before it started to set, but am not sure. I will have to have another attempt though.

eve said...

Looks great, this is one of the fields that i would love to try this year also, i have a list as long as my arm of the tools that i want, better start saving,