Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Students working hard again

It has been another busy day in my studio with Zara, Sarah and Rachel working hard to get their projects done.  I think one more session and they will be finished.  Today there has been a wide variety of things going on including sawing, sanding and polishing, soldering, enamelling and finishing off a couple of pieces in art clay silver.  Here are just a few pictures including my freshly repaired kiln.  My good friend Joy Funnell gave me a replacement door as the handle on my original one had worked loose and I was unable to make it secure.  I am please to say it is now safe and working again!


Joy Funnell said...

You now have the jazziest Pro 1 kiln going! Glad you got it mended. Joy x

Lynne Glazzard said...

Thank you so much for sorting it out, it has been well used this week - not by me sadly, but so glad it is going again.