Monday, 31 May 2010

Three 'A's

On Saturday I ran an introductory workshop for art clay silver.  I am still surprised by the amount of work new students manage to produce in one day.
These are Amber's pieces, all produced from 10g of art clay silver.

These are the pieces made by Angie.

These are Adela's pieces.

Adela came back for a second day and made these two beautiful rings.  The ring with the stone set into the clay has another tiny stone set just to the side - you can just see a glimpse of it.  It was lovely to see that Adela was wearing her earrings when she arrived on the second day!


Studio Sylvia said...

A very productive day. Beautiful pieces.

Adela said...

Thank you for a splendid weekend. Really enjoyed the experience. Don't have much to say about the weather though!