Friday, 7 May 2010

Sarah enamelling

Sarah finished her college projects yesterday.  She selected an enamel colour by matching one of my samples to glass beads she had already made. This was an enamel colour I had in lump form so, right at the end of her project, she had to learn to grind enamel down from lump.  She applied wires to the surface of her pieces by firstly depletion gilding the silver (to bring fine silver to the surface) and then using the technique developed by my good friend Joy Funnell to add the wires, without using solder.  Sarah then applied two layers of finely ground enamel into the cells she had created.  The finished piece relates very closely to one of the sketches in her book.  She has learned a lot about basic jewellery techniques and I hope she will continue on this journey of discovery.

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Joy Funnell said...

Great pieces Sarah and thank you so much Lynne for teaching the technique on :) Love it!!