Sunday, 18 April 2010

Flame Off 2010 at Towcester

This weekend I have been at the Flame Off at Towcester Race course.  It is the first time I have been to an event like this.  There was a large marquee attached to the main building and inside it were long metal topped tables with torches.  There were torches of different types in separate areas, here are torches with propane/oxygen mix I think.  Visitors could have a go at glass bead making, under supervision and with a bit of helpful instruction.  Basically it was a tent full of people having fun with flames!  In the main part of the building were stands selling glass, beads, books and everything a glass bead addict could possibly need.  On the first floor were a series of talks and demonstrations by some very highly skilled glass workers including the lovely and very entertaining Sharon Peters.  On the second floor (in what are the very smart private viewing boxes overlooking the racecourse) were a series of classes.   Lesley Messam ran classes introducing art clay silver.

I ran short workshops introducing enamelling to a small group of people on Friday and Saturday.  The workshops were only 2 hours so I had made lots of silver blanks for earrings and charms and pre-ground and washed enamels ready to use.  Most of the participants had not tried enamelling before and the results were impressive.  They were able to choose colours from a selection of 12 that I had tested and new would behave well on the fine silver pieces.  I hope they liked them as much as I did?


silverpebble said...

Goodness, this is just the kind of result I'm after. There are obviously some thing I;m doing wrong - I rarely get that lovely watery quality. I WISH I knew the secrets!

Lynne Glazzard said...

Not really a secret, it is just about preparation, washing, grinding and thinness :)

When you next get a chance then just book a day and I will teach you