Saturday, 3 April 2010

More of the Jewellery Exhibition

Whitby Museum is such an amazing place.  This carved and painted bird is from New Ireland in the Pacific.  He was given to the museum in 1928 by Captain Readman and has been one of my favourite objects since I began my residency at the beginning of 2009.  He usually resides in the Cook wing of the museum but a few days ago I had to take him out to photograph him for another project I am just starting work on.  The door of the cabinet was a bit difficult to open and that gave me the perfect excuse to move him to a temporary home in the jewellery exhibition (I know he's not really jewellery!).

Here he is though with my visitors book and a few badges and other fun things made during my year.  The hands related both to making and to the 'Hand of Glory' (more gory than glory as Peter on the main desk often tells visitors).  On days when I have been sketching in the museum I often left my sign out along with paper, pencils and pens and asked visitors to draw around their own hand and say what there favourite thing about the museum was.  I never asked anyone to decorate their drawing, it was just something that happened naturally but I have a lovely collection of these paper hands, many of which have been stuck into the album but some are temporarily displayed here on the back of the display case - I am still collecting them.
This bracelet has been made from small items found in the museum during the year, a couple of them I embedded in resin and made silver settings for, others I simply attached.  I think the bit of stone was a fragment of amethyst and the glass bear I made a silver wire collar for.  It has become a bracelet of things once lost, now found.  

My badge project has developed a new life, at different times last summer I made badges for visitors.  Now as part of the jewellery exhibition I have created a piece of work called 'Equivalent' which has a small explanation panel and a lot of transparent plastic pockets with badges in.  It asks visitors to take a badge and leave me something in exchange.  I have left circles for drawings and these are the first six drawings left by visitors.  I was also left an interesting chunk of hard green stone with a groove in it and an old sixpenny piece - so they are now on my workbench waiting to become part of something new.  I was really excited to find that visitors understood my ideas and am enjoying their responses.


silverpebble said...

Hello there. My hubby and I are having our first night away from the children tonight - in Whitby! Will you be there at the museum tomorrow morning?

If not I will look out for that bracelet - I love the idea of found items being turned into jewellery. I am certainly coming to the exhibition.

Lynne Glazzard said...

Oh I realised when I read this I had probably already missed you. Hope you both had a lovely day in Whitby though

silverpebble said...

Hi Lynne, yes, we had a lovely (part of a) day. The exhibition was fabulous - I left you a little note. I loved seeing the historical pieces - those waterlily seeds were beautiful - they look like waterlilies!

It reminded me that I must book a workshop with either yourself or Joy for some enamelling tuition. I'm getting better but I still have mixed results. Some of my enamels simply don't adhere. I wonder if investing in a small kiln may help - I'm still using the hob.