Sunday, 15 March 2009

More badges and colourful fun

I was in Whitby Museum again today and had a few more young volunteers looking at their favourite things in the collection and making their own souvenir badge.  The sweet pink drawing is a teddy bear in the toy collection and the fantastic multi coloured drawing is one of the brightly painted carved pieces in the Scoresby Room - I must check this out but think it is probably from one of the islands in the Pacific.

I also had a bit of time to continue my doodles and did a few of my own - one of which I swapped for the beautiful smiling sunstar (in the centre).  The plain line drawing in the background is me trying to copy some of Scoresby's original snowflake drawings.  They are tiny and very precise and beautiful, unlike my very imprecise versions sketched while standing up and balancing my notebook...... inspirational things though.  I hope this gives some indication of the wide variety of material in the museum collection.  It includes material from all over the world and really does reflect Whitby's maritime heritage and the wide geographical links it has always had.   Somehow some of this inspiring stuff has to percolate through into my work........ watch this space.

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