Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Copper clay and enamel

These are my first experiments with the copper clay produced by Hadar Jacobson.  The two left hand pieces and the small samples all have textured patterns using my paper textures butfor the central piece I used a commercial texture plate (not something I do very often).  I haven't had much time to spare to explore this medium but really wanted to know how it would enamel.  On the right hand side the samples are showing (clockwise) a piece fresh from the kiln with part of the oxidised surface cleaned with a wire brush.  The top right-hand enamelled sample had no flux layer whereas the one below it had a layer of enamel flux fired on first followed by the layer of three colours.  The central piece had a layer of flux inside fired, was pickled and scrubbed and then had the reds inside and small amount of flux over traces of the fire scale in the leaf pattern.  It oxidises very heavily when being enamelled so then had to be pickled in a salt and vinegar solution and the reds I used were not particularly 'pickle safe'.  Although in these pieces my standard of workmanship leaves a lot to be desired I knew that I didn't have much free time to do them in and really wanted to know what it would be like and I think it might be of interest to other enamellers out there?

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