Sunday, 29 March 2009

First 'Inspired by Heritage' set

Well here it is, not quite finished but at least I feel as though I am now making some progress with my residency at Whitby Museum. My project is to research through all aspects of the museum and produce a new collection of jewellery inspired by and reflecting the diversity.   I have spent some time looking at the information about the Captains Scoresby.They were father and son and each captained whaling ships. The younger William Scoresby was particularly remarkable for his scientific studies of arctic flora and fauna and of magnetism.  He surveyed and mapped the East Coast of Greenland and Jan Meyene Island north of Greenland and also studied the detailed forms of snowflakes, producing a remarkable series of drawings of them. More information can be found at
Anyway, this is the beginning of my first real piece inspired by the museum collection.  I hope when it is finished it will reflect both the drama portrayed in prints of ships amongst the icebergs and the delicacy of Soresby's drawings of snowflakes.


lesley messam said...

Lynne this is gorgeous, I love the black and white beads:)

The Little Bead Shop Studio Blog said...

Hi :) Exciting news on my Blog! xx