Sunday, 30 August 2009

Workshop work

Yesterday I ran an introduction to art clay silver for three participants here in my studio in Glaisdale. They all worked really hard and I think you will agree the results are impressive. I love the magic of introducing people to this medium and seeing the pleasure involved in making.
We had a fantastic day and all three of them went away with a selection of pendants, charms and beads. Thank you then to Suzanne, Vikki and Linda for a great day!


V said...

The pleasure was all ours Lynne. Thank you for a fantastic, informative and extremely inspirational day.

Joy Funnell said...

Oh.. can't make the picture go up large to have a good look and they look great!

Lynne Glazzard said...

Vikki you are very welcome and Joy..... oooooooh it seems to be working here! I remember it did that before?

Suzanne said...

I had a fabulous day with lovely people and in an amazing setting. Can't wait to set myself up and get going. Suzanne