Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Fold forming

Today my two students Pam and Glynis have successfully completed their level 1 certification course in Art Clay Silver. I had promised that if they finished in good time I would show them foldforming so here they are working away at two little pieces of copper and here are the results of all their hard labour hammering and annealing. I think it was a good way of releasing the tension of the sustained concentration of their course.


eve said...

Oh lucky them ,i would love to be able to do this, i always addmire other peoples work using this techinic,

Pam said...

I had a fantastic time completing the silver clay projects and working both with Lynne and Glynis. BUT what a way to finish - hammering and bashing the copper to produce such a magical shape. Thanks Lynne for your enthusiasm and passion for this art form.