Saturday, 7 February 2009

Thread things

Like everyone else in the country my week has been slightly disrupted by the snow. Only slightly really though as I had a student here for a few days doing her Level 1 Art clay silver course and she managed to get here to start on Wednesday and got everything done and away again before more snow arrived this morning. It did mean I missed my day in the museum on Tuesday though and I am having withdrawal symptoms.

Nothing much keeps the postman away though and I had ordered a book on Hair Work and another on Charles Horner, both of which have arrived safely and are being consumed and enjoyed in between my visits along the path to the studio. The advantage of my studio being attached to the house are that I can still get to work (is that an advantage?) although all I have done is test a few enamels this week. I have made a necklace of crochet beads in the evenings though, while watching tv and am quite enthusiastic about working with thread again.

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