Saturday, 27 November 2010


It has been snowing here since Wednesday and is lying quite deep around the house and studio.  Although I really enjoyed being snowed in at the beginning of the year at the moment I am struggling with it, I think it has come too early.  I am really lucky that I don't have to travel anywhere to go to work, just boots and coat and a (very) short walk to my studio next door.  Although the stove is lit and it is not particularly cold in there I have found it difficult to make myself work, preferring to snuggle up with a book and my dog on the sofa in the house. Today I have decided that I need to get a grip and start to think of the snow as an opportunity and as inspiration.

On Thursday I was supposed to be doing a workshop at the museum making paper snowflakes to decorate the tree; these being inspired by snowflake drawings done by Captain Scoresby Jnr. Ironically I couldn't get out so am just hoping the tree got decorated.....

 Here is the snow outside my door today and some of the paper snowflakes I made as examples earlier in the week.

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