Wednesday, 17 March 2010

More student work

My three students have been into the studio today and busy trying out new techniques and materials.  Between them they managed to try crochet with thread and wire, soldering a chain and shaped links in copper then texturing them with a hammer.  One used resin to embed a drawing, while another had a go at shaping a small piece of faux bone.  Then all of us had a first try of the Prometheus Bronze Clay.  I hadn't even tried it out myself and none of them had used any form of metal clay until today.  I didn't give them much in the way of rules just a few pointers and let them experiment with it.  The handling is nothing like that of Art clay silver but it is interesting in that it seems to have a longer working time without drying out - and of course a longer drying time before firing.   I think I probably pushed them too hard and we didn't have much time for pre-finishing before firing but the results are quite pleasing overall.  A worthwhile bit of testing as between them they tried a number of different methods of texturing and of constructing their work.


eve said...

What great pieces, i do love the large criss cross pendant, great design

Laura said...

Wow - looks like your students had a very busy and productive day. Great photos!