Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Preparation for Open Studios

I am now beginning to prepare for North Yorkshire Open Studios '09. This means a bit of a shift around of some of the furniture and equipment so that I can safely demonstrate and continue to work throughout the duration of the event without visitors being able to touch any of the hot or dangerous bits of equipment. Of course I am a long way from ready but there is still plenty of time. I just thought I would post a few pictures of the studio as it is. As you can see the clearing up hasn't included the dog who is happily sitting in front of the fire (which is lit of course) and is ignoring all that is going on around him.


lesley messam said...

I think your dog likes the studio fire:)
You have even got the same rolling stanley tool box as me LOL.
Your studio is bigger then mine but my rolling mill is bigger then yours Hehe:)
Nice workspace Lynne X
Thanks for sharing

Nicola said...

Oooh lovely studio - I have "workspace envy" lol
Glad the event went well
Nic x