Saturday, 20 June 2009

North Yorkshire Open Studios '09

Today has been the first day of North Yorkshire Open Studios '09. This is such a fantastic event to be involved in. Quite apart from the beautiful brochure design and produced by Art Connections it gives me a sense of being connected to other artists out there rather than just working away here in isolation. Of course, being a part of the open studio trail means I can't actually get out and visit any of the other artists, but I do somehow feel part of a larger community.

It means I get to actually meet people; interesting people; people who are interested in looking and interested in the process of making. I also get to catch up with people who have visited before and find out how they are; what they are up to and let them see some new little idea I am working on...... or my current obsession? It is also a fantastic way of getting a bit of feedback. As a maker working in this kind of rural isolation it is really easy to feel you might just be working your way into some kind of strange sidetrack so having visitors look at ideas under development can be very useful.

Anyway, thanks to all of those people who made it over here today and hope to see you again, soon!

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