Saturday, 2 May 2009


I have spent much of the day sorting out tools and equipment for an enamelling workshop I am running next Saturday at 20-21 Visual Arts in Scunthorpe.  I have updated my file of enamelling samples and checked through and printed the handouts.  Although I do like to be organised this is a bit early, even for me.  The reason is that at the beginning of the week I will be going down to Kent to look at a few potential venues for the Guild of Enamellers annual conference in 2011 together with The Guild's Vice Chair and Conference Secretary.  The 2010 conference will take place in Nottingham from the 9th to 11th April.  I am in the process of finalising the details for that but am just lending a hand with the planning for the following year.  I have been a member of the Guild since I began enamelling in 1998 and have enjoyed all the conferences I have been to in the past.  I hadn't really appreciated just how much went into the organisation though until I was elected Vice Chair and had to help with the planning for next year.  I am of course Chair now, which is a great honour and it will be brilliant to be able to put a bit back into an organisation that has given me so much over the years.

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