Monday, 13 April 2009

New machinery arrives

Excitement in my studio today with the arrival of a drilling rig..... no I am not going into larger scale work (I wish, this is a serious bit of kit) but we are having a bore hole drilled.  We are currently on spring water and this is always directly affected by changes in the weather.  If we have a heavy downpour then the water flows through from the spring into the holding tank too quickly and is sometimes heavily discoloured and probably occassionally actually contaminated.  If we have a dry summer we have to be really careful with the water we use.  After a lot of thought we have decided to have a bore hole.  When the rig arrived I was busy enamelling with my work experience student in the studio so missed it trying to get up our drive with the help of a neighbour's tractor.  Since I took the photograph another lorry has arrive presumably full of equipment and managed to park next to this on the drive..... where we usually just park our little car!  I will miss most of the action tomorrow as I will be in Whitby Museum doing a workshop making brooches based on Anglo-Saxon patterns.

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Joy Funnell said...

Hi Lynne, that looks like fun. I have now got my blog up and running as well.