Saturday, 11 April 2009


I have spent a couple of days enamelling, seems like ages since I last did any.  On Thursday my friend Margaret and I had a full day experimenting.  I love working with Margaret she is so enthusiastic and always willing to try out new ideas.  We did attempt riso screening but found some of my new screens didn't work so had to resort to using the old ones.  We then went on to try screen printing using enamel ink on pre-enamelled steel from W G Ball; grinding crayons down and painting with them and then Margaret threw in some sand and fine copper wire mesh.  I followed this yesterday with enamelling very carefully onto some of the beads I made a couple of weeks ago.  I also enamelled this pendant that I had made ages ago but wasn't very happy with.  I have combined two shades of lilac enamel with dyed cultered pearls I bought a year ago.  I will be wearing this one at the forthcoming Guild of Enamellers annual conference.  It is the 30th (pearl) anniversary of the Guild and after the conference I will take on the role of Chairman for the forthcoming year.

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