Monday, 13 September 2010

Working but not posting

I have been busy in the studio, working on enamel test samples ready for the Art Clay UK Guild conference in York.  I will be teaching a class next Saturday together with my good friend Joy Funnell so have been spending days testing enamels, making notes, preparing handouts, making lists of tools and equipment to take.

The conference starts on Thursday and I am looking forward to meeting old friends and making new ones, learning new techniques and sharing ideas.

Tomorrow I will hopefully finish enamelling a couple of pieces for the themed competitions, not like me to be working on this right up to the deadline though!


Joy Funnell said...

You are right there. I am the disorganised one!!

Joy x

Adela said...

I could only be imagining what's going on at the conference and all the techniques and new stuff I could learn and the new friends I could make while I'm teaching the 2+8=10 or ay, ea, ie ... to the children. A lot of fun!!
Have a nice weekend!

Lynne Glazzard said...

Hahaha Joy, you are not disorganised at all, you did a good job of organising me!

Lynne Glazzard said...

Adela, it was fabulous and exhausting, we did learn some fantastic techniques and also made new friends too. You will just have to hope I can practice enough to try and pass on some of the things I have learned x