Saturday, 3 July 2010

Hadar Jacobson and the Guild PMC Francopone

This weekend I am lucky to be attending a workshop run by Hadar Jacobson in Britany organised by the Guild PMC Francophone.  Today has been fantastic and quite apart from all the wonderful information so generously given by Hadar it has also been a friendly and very multicultural group.  My french is not very good and although I can understand quite a bit it is difficult to sort the words out quickly enough to reply properly but this hasn't really hindered communication, we have just all mixed up our languages and added a few hand shapes, waves and shrugs.  The venue is a spacious hall right alongside a spectacular rocky harbour and beach with a view over the sea.  Although this is probably about 10 degrees centigrade warmer than my usual studio it hasn't been a problem (yet) as Hadar's versions of copper and bronze are remarkably forgiving and don't dry out as quickly as my usual medium of art clay silver.  Hadar has demonstrated a vast number of different ways of using the various clays and we are now working on our own small sample pieces.  I will hopefully add some photos when I return home but am already thinking of things I would like to try and still have another day to go.

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