Thursday, 12 November 2009

Spring returns necklace

Here is the necklace which was part of the set of accessories submitted to the contest in Japan
showing the front and the reverse. This was inspired by a Japanese printed book in Whitby Museum and at the time I designed and made it I had a small Japanese cherry blossom in flower in my garden so was able to study the form of its flowers in detail. Around the front edge of the silver piece is a pattern of tiny blossoms while on the reverse is the leaf pattern I often use in my work.

The necklace also has a matching 'C' type clasp with the two patterns one on each surface.

The rings also have the same two surface patterns one on each side of the shank.

My good friend Joy Funnell also submitted work that was selected for this exhibition.

I will be keeping the box it was returned in, very beautifully labelled with Japanese characters. I am very honoured to have had my work included.


Joy Funnell said...

Oh, I didn't have any japanese on mine:( Did you get the English translation for the winners in the catalogue. That was lovely to read.

Lynne Glazzard said...

Yes, it was great to be able to read some of the info