Friday, 11 September 2009

Another lovely day

It has been mild and sunny and a lovely day here. I began by working in the studio but was soon tempted out into the garden for my morning coffee break. The sun is in our back garden in the morning and doesn't get around to the front of the studio until afternoon.

I have been doing more work in dyed anodised aluminium ready for Christmas exhibitions (yes, Christmas!). The work has to be delivered within the next few weeks. I haven't done much work in aluminium recently but am really enjoying it at the moment.

This afternoon I sat outside to work for a while, setting myself up at my little blue garden table. You can see the shadow line in this picture but the sun gradually moved around through the afternoon.

Here are the new batch of bangles, similar to yesterday's work really!


eve said...

I'm really loving these bangles.

Lynne Glazzard said...

Thank you! I have made them for years, seems like forever - but not in such bright colours for a long time so I have really enjoyed making these

Honeycombs said...

Hi Lynne, beautiful bangles, the colours are gorgeous. Jean