Friday, 7 November 2008

Firing on two kilns at once

Thought it was time I made some input into this! I have been working hard but after a weekend away in Edinburgh am all inspired. I spent a happy afternoon with Emma Baird and she very generously showed me how she makes her lovely spotted beads. I had a day out and went to see a very interesting exhibition of ceramics with calligraphy at The Nomads Tent (and of course had to be dragged away from all the beautiful carpets) and then spent Saturday at the Guild of Enamellers Region 1 workshop which was an introduction to Riso Screens, run by Pat Johnson.

It was a really interesting technique but I am not sure that I will use it much - as it means having to send off to have the screens made!

Anyway, most of this week I have been making glass beads. I have also done my first constructed bi-cone bead in metal clay (art clay silver); made a triangular pendant that I intend to enamel and am half way through a tube pendant with a couple of small matching tube beads to combine with some of the glass beads I have made today! The kilns are working overtime - one annealing a batch of glass beads and the other firing the metal clay........

Phew and at least the studio is warm !

I have now added a photograph of my new beads, fresh from the kiln

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